Strabismus Eye emergencies

2008 Nov-dec.

Diagnostic procedures edit | edit source Poor perfusion of the arterial tree can be demonstrated by the ability to induce retinal pulsations in the central retinal artery by digital pressure on the eyeball ophthaldynomometry. OCR is useful for detecting retinal swelling enema. Does individual complain of sudden onset of blurred or distorted vision in the upper or lower half or total visual field? To maintain that visual acuity he required a maintenance dose of 30-40 mg Prednisone for almost 3 years, and every attempt to go any lower immediately produced worsening of macular enema and deterioration of visual acuity. Retina. 2008 Nov-Dec. 2810:1502-8. Are there distended and convoluted veins, along with congestion and swelling in the eye's interior region including the retina? Recently I have reviewed the various advocated modes of treatment in CRVO and their scientific validity 6 This review revealed that, unfortunately, most of the advocated treatments lack an incontrovertible scientific basis. Ogura Y, raider J, Korobelnik HF, Holm FM, Simader C, Schmidt-Erfurth U, et al. There are less common conditions which may put a patient at risk for developing a vein occlusion including blood clotting abnormalities such as hyperhomocysteinemia, activated protein C resistance Factor V Leiden, protein C and S deficiency, anti–phospholipid antibodies and diseases which cause kludging of the circulation or so-called hyper viscosity.

Retinal vascular occlusion

Surgery and Surgical follow up edit | edit source References edit | edit source Atebara N, Brown AC, Cater J. Vision recovery depends on whether the central macula is involved initially. Friberg BR, Smolinski P, Hill S, et al.